Choosing Garden Furniture to Survive The Cumbria Weather

The weather here in Cumbria is well known for being temperamental at best, so when choosing garden furniture you definitely have to consider the durability of the furniture must be durable in Cumbria

So what are your options for weatherproof garden furniture?

As far as I can see from my personal online research, the options are either rattan garden furniture or Winawood™ furniture.

What is rattan furniture?

In the modern age, rattan furniture actually represents synthetic rattan furniture as opposed to the natural variety. This is the reason it can survive the harsh weather conditions outside, as it’s UV stabilised which means it is unaffected by UV rays (ie won’t rot or fade).

The better quality rattan sets seem to have an aluminium frame as opposed to a steel frame. This means they do not rust in the rain or ice, keeping them stronger for the long term. It also means they are lighter, so you can move your furniture around much more easily.

What is Winawood™ furniture?

A fairly new product on the market and slightly less well known, but having had a chance to view it in person I truly believe it will take off over the next few years. It’s a sort of compressed, hardened artificial material, that feels exactly like wood, probably due to the grain effect. It basically looks like a painted wooden bench, when in fact it’s 100% man made, and doesn’t need teak oiling or covering. I preferred the teak colour, however there were some more adventurous colours, including duck egg green!

Types, Price and Purchasing

From what  I have seen both types of outdoor furniture come in benches, chairs and sets. One thing I did see was a rocking reclining chair, something I have never seen anywhere else (and it looked very comfy!). I am personally in need of a bench, which is probably why Winawood™ was my desired choice as it comes in a large range of benches.

As far as price goes, the best Winawood™ price available seems to be They have the garden benches as well as the dining sets.

Rattan had various options, I noticed a local based retailer in Leicester offering a good range of rattan (the reclining rocker that I mentioned!) and that was Sapcote Garden Centre.

Sapcote Garden Centre
Hinckley Rd, Sapcote, Leicester LE9 4LG
01455 274049

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