Date of Walk Sunday 21st August 2005.
Start / Finish Time Start:- 11:45am / Finish:- 5:25pm (including stops).
Walk Ennerdale Bridge–Herdus–Great Borne–Starling Dodd–Red Pike–Buttermere.
Distance 11.0 miles (approx).
Ramblers Group  Group “B”    Group Leader:- Des Slavin
Weather Warm, Sunny, Pleasant, Windy on Summits, Good Visibility, 14C (approx).

Walk Notes

After a long drive up to Ennerdale Bridge on the coach the “B” party set off for the heights of Great Borne, Starling Dodd and Red Pike (this being the Buttermere one as there is a second in Wasdale, the two fells as stated in Wainwright’s “Western Fells” are only 4 miles apart causing some confusion to some visitors!) Before we were to tackle Great Borne (2021ft / 616m) we first tackled the modest heights of Herdus (1844ft / 562m) ignoring the many amusingly unfounded signs a local farmer has erected to turn back walkers from his land……even though it is a public right of way and the fact that Herdus is National Trust land!). We arrived shortly on the summit of Herdus which gives excellent views of the whole stretch of Ennerdale Water. This was my first visit to the Ennerdale region and was shocked at how beautiful it really was……..views of the lake are just breathtaking. We then walked to the summits of Great Borne, Starling Dodd (2077ft / 633m) and then stopped for a lunch break. By this time we noticed that the clouds were starting to thicken. The first two ascents I found rather a struggle but rather strangely I climbed Red Pike (2477ft / 755m) surprisingly well. I was shocked with the views from the summit as they were some of the best I have seen to date. My advice to anybody who is going to climb this fell…… so when the visibility is good, because the climb to the summit is a view to behold!

We later descended down by way of “Near Ruddy Beck” which I found quite a pain-in-the-neck and was very steep. Plus it didn’t help banging my ankle and going over on it a few times!! We later arrived at Buttermere just in time………….as the heavens opened!!