Date/Time of Walk Thursday 27th May 2004.
Start Time 10:30am (10:30) Barrow-in-Furness (Ormsgill).
Finish Time 2:20pm (14:20) Askam-in-Furness (Askam Pier).
Weather Hot, Sunny, Slight Breeze, Slight Haze, Strong Sunshine, Temp about 22ºC.

Notes on Walk

It is advisable to consult the local tides before attempting this walk as the crossing to Askam can be dangerous otherwise. You can check the tides on the website by clicking here!.

I started this small section of the Cumbria Coastal Way from my house in Barrow and walked along the A590 to the road towards the candle factory at “Sandscale Park”.  At the bottom of this road you cross a railway track (without barriers, just lights!!) and the track immediately goes to the right down a well worn rocky track. Follow this track to the bottom and you come to a gate. Once you are through this gate, a sign welcomes you to “Sandscale Haws” and follow the rock track to the right once through the gate. Following the track for half-a-mile and you should come to an old concrete WWII pill box.

The track at the “pill box” goes to the right, follow this track all the way along the beach and past the huts at “Lowsy Point”. Follow the beach all the way along the coast to Roanhead. It is advisable, however, to follow the route on a map, because I noticed that “Roanhead” is hidden amongst the sand dunes and you could miss it!!

Once at “Roanhead”, follow the beach towards a rocky outcrop called on most detailed maps as “Roanhead Crag”. High tides often cut people off here so care is needed and forward planning!!.  Looking north you can see “Askam Pier” which is a line of slag left by the iron ore workings of long ago. Once you reach this “Pier” the town above is “Askam-in-Furness”. Under the Arch-way of the pier should be “Man-made” tracks to the top of the pier. This concludes this section of the Cumbria Coastal Way!!