Date/Time of Walk Saturday 28th February 2004
Start Time 10:40am (10:40) Foxfield Train Station.
Finish Time 5:20pm (17:20) Millom Train Station.
Weather Cold, Bright, Sunny, Clear, Few Clouds.  Temperature about 6°C.

Walk Notes

This walk proved to be thoroughly enjoyable. It is recommended that Map (Explorer OL6) is used to follow this route. This section of the Cumbria Coastal Way (CCW) started for me at Foxfield Train Station. From the Station Gate (Facing the “Prince of Wales” pub) cross the road, turn right, and follow the road until you reach a wooden CCW sign pointing up a steep tarmac lane. Following this upward lane, you will pass a few houses on both sides of the tarmac road. Follow this road until you reach a gate with the Cumbria Coastal Way sign pointing North and South.

Go through the gated farmyard and then through another gate at the end of the yard. From this gate, after about 100 yards, the path goes to the left though a field. In front of you at this point is a wall, follow the track on the right hand side all the way to the bottom of the hill and over the stile. Continue straight ahead and cross a little footbridge. You should now be at the bottom of a hill on the golf course (as shown on the map). Follow the track up the hill until you join a track. This track now leads to “Eccles Rigg”.  Follow the track through Eccles Rigg and continue straight ahead. After about half-a-mile you will see the town of “Broughton-in-Furness” below the road. On my first observation I thought it was a charming little place.

At the end of this road (facing a school), turn left and follow the pavement on the left hand side of the road until you reach the monument in the town square surrounded by houses. Across the road is the Tourist Information Centre. This obelisk was erected in 1810 to commemorate the 50th year of reign of King George III, this famous King suffered in later life with a genetic mental condition which eventually contributed to his death in 1820. He had reigned as King since 1760.

Cross the road (so you are on the same side of the Tourist Information) and then follow the road (with care!!) to the left up the hill to “High Cross”. At the top of the Hill is the “High Cross Inn”. Follow the road at the junction straight ahead after crossing the road…….please take care when doing this!!. Follow the grass verge on the left hand side until you meet a track going to the left with a “Public Footpath” sign on it. Follow this path to Duddon Bridge straight ahead across the field.

When at Duddon Bridge, follow the (rather rocky!!) track which is along the side of the River Duddon. Follow this track until you reach the gate at the road next to traffic lights. This section of the walk requires a huge amount of care!! Walk at the side of the road over the Duddon Bridge and straight ahead, around the corner (turning right) until you see a road straight ahead sign posted “Corney Fell”. Follow this road up until you see a gate to the left and the “Old Duddon Iron Furnace”.

Follow the track up past the Furnace and through the woods, you will see a footpath sign just after the bend past the furnaces. Follow this track through woodland (descending) until you reach the main road, carefully cross the road to the left hand side, and walk the grass verge until you reach the road that continues on to “Lady Hall”. When at “Lady Hall” follow the road until it reaches a bend, the track continues from here. Follow the path over “High Shaw Pool”, carefully, over the railway track, and onto the flood embankment.

The walk along the embankment from this point to Millom is rather non-descript and pretty easy, you would think that the flood embankment went forever though!!.