Date/Time of Walk Sunday 20th February 2005
Start Time/Location 3:34pm (15:34) Quarry Gate on Schneider Road, Barrow
Finish Time/Location 4:51pm (16:51) Quarry Gate on Ormsgill Lane, Barrow
Weather Cold, Bright, Sunny, Dry, Clear, Few Clouds, About 5°C

Walk Notes

This walk I would describe a lovely vista of breathtaking views of the Irish Sea and Lakeland Fells, but rather more a short stroll than a walk, but nonetheless, I think it still deserves a place on this site.

Ormsgill Quarry, it is believed, is the site where the Sandstone was quarried by the Cistercian Monks for the construction of “Furness Abbey” in 1127 and later for other Sandstone buildings in the area. Then about 30 years ago (please email me if I’m wrong!!) the site became the local tip!! Thankfully, today it is now a beautiful green area of Barrow-in-Furness with many areas of Tree Conservation such as “How Tun Woods” which has only in the last few years become one of the latest conservation plots.

I have myself spent many visits to this place throughout my childhood. Many might think this page insignificant to the site, but I don’t, I think anywhere that is green these days deserves a bit of respect because you’ll never know if it will be there in 100 years!!