Walk Notes

The following walk was created in 1998 from reclaimed land of the former Barrow-in-Furness Iron and Steelworks which closed in 1985. The site was demolished and what was left were two “Slag Heaps” of considerable size. These “Slag Heaps” are mounds of waste materials that were left over from the smelting processes. The molten slag was then transported and dumped in these large mounds seen today. The site was the largest producer of Iron and Steel in the world in its time, and the size can be believed when following this short but delightful walk.  You will see that this beautiful stretch of coast is a fitting tribute to those men and women who worked hard for their living in such hot and dangerous conditions.

The plaque at the end of the walkway explains the name of “Red Man’s Way” (with statue as shown below in photograph!) reads as follows:-

                                                                               “Local man Paul West named this path and cycleway

after the men who worked in the iron and steel industry

from which this landscape was formed.

The processes involved often left the workers covered

in red dust.

It was officially opened by Cumbria County Councillor

Alf Horne on 21st August 1998”.


The path itself is self explanatory, once you find the sign you just follow the path to the end.