Date/Time of Walk Tuesday 10th May 2005
Start Time/Location 1:30pm (13:30) Entrance to Sandscale Park on A590 (Barrow)
Finish Time/Location 2:35pm (14:35) Entrance to Sandscale Park on A590 (Barrow)
Weather Warm, Pleasant, Sunny, Clear, Few Clouds, about 15°C

Walk Notes

Sandscale Haws is a National Nature Reserve (or NNR) in the Furness region of Cumbria in the North-West of England. With myself only living a 30 minutes walk away from Sandscale Haws, I thought I’d add this charming place to my website. Sandscale Haws has a special place in my heart, as this is the first place where I found my own personal appreciation and love for the countryside, of Cumbria, and it is also the place where I took the first of my many walks with my Grandfather when I was a child back in 1989. I have been visiting Sandscale Haws ever since.

Sandscale Haws contains 15% of the National Population of “Natterjack” toads, and the reserve also boasts many rare species of Flora, Fauna and other plant life. It is also a place where a newly discovered fungus was found!!.

The beaches at Sandscale are wonderfully clean and a joy to walk along. The Walk I took really needs no description and the place itself is easy to find as it’s on the A590 just as you enter (or exit!) Barrow-in-Furness – look out for a car park across from “Steeles Removals” with a surrounding stone wall and the sign “Sandscale Park”, and you follow the road down and then the track (which is sign posted) all the way.

Care must also be taken entering Sandscale Park as the Railway Crossing has NO BARRIER!!

I hope you enjoy the following pictorial View of Sandscale Haws!